From the Hollister Hood
For some of you who are just reading this site for the first time, you probably want to know a little bit more about me.  Well, no one can know me unless you read this poem I wrote concerning my dear  granddaughter, Krystal Marie, who was struck accidentally by a car when running across a highway one day. It is an Acrostic Poem, in other words, each line begins with a specific letter to spell a title or name vertically.  In this case, of course, it is Krystal's name.  Please read and apply the feelings it invokes to yourselves in your own individual griefs.  It helps to write about it, believe me.  It even helps to cry a little!! 


Krystal, I close my eyes and I can see you
Running across that street, racing the cars,
Your lips laughing, hair blowing, not looking,
Stopping abruptly, turning around to retrieve...the fatal contact. 
Tell me, what can I do to fill this hole in my heart,
A chasm as deep as the great abyss, so deep and wide?  Our
Lives are now separated; we will walk unknown roads apart. 
My personal 9-11, a great, gut-wrenching Murragh happening. 
As far as they were from me then, now they are so near,
Ripping my soul apart and smearing my heart's blood,
In rhythm to the same awful destruction. 
Everything on earth is tilted now. 

© Sharon Warden

    Leave a comment or a poem of your own! About anything that's on your mind. 

I don't usually get all excited about laundry products. come on now laundry products??, but this product by Downy is truly its name --UNSTOPABLE.  Granted it does nothing for your clothes (from my observation) except to "infuse" a terrifically pleasant odor into them, so satisfying that you could just sit there for 15 minutes doing nothing but inhaling the marvelous scent!  And the scent lasts and lasts.  So if you are driven by your olfactory glands, go for it!  Haven't checked the price, cause I got a free sample through the mail.  Log into Vocalpoint.  They have a link where you can order a free sample of Unstoppable.


A great, informative article from VITAMIN POWER,    
an a-one company that produces natural, organic food supplements, vitamins, etc, at reasonable  prices (write me for a link or more info), follows. It  s long, but a valuable read.  I have been dealing with this company for over 15 years; they are ethical, made-in-USA, worth your time to read (IMHO): 
"Simple Changes In Dietary & Lifestyle Factors Have A Big Impact!
In a series of three individual studies looking at how changes in dietary intake and lifestyle factors specifically relate to long-term weight gain, Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) found that modest changes in specific foods and beverages, physical activity, TV-watching, and sleep duration were directly linked with long-term weight gain. Modifications in diet, specifically, had the strongest associations with differences in weight gain.
The study appears in the June 23, 2011, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.
Earlier research has focused on methods for weight loss after obesity has developed. Less is known about the key factors linked to long-term term weight gain.
An average adult gains about one pound per year. Because the weight gain is so gradual and occurs over many years, it's been difficult for research scientists and for people themselves to understand the key factors that may be responsible.

The researchers evaluated changes in multiple specific lifestyle factors and weight gain every four years over 12 to 20 years of follow-up in three separate large cohort studies, the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), the Nurses' Health Study II (NHS II), and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS). The final analyses included 50,422 women in the NHS, 47,898 women in NHS II, and 22,557 men in HPFS, all of whom were free of obesity or chronic diseases at the beginning of the study.
Study participants gained an average of 3.35 lb during each four-year period, which corresponded to a weight gain of 16.8 lb over the 20-year period.
When relative associations of various lifestyle changes with weight gain were evaluated, the findings were strikingly similar in all 3 studies.
For example... The foods associated with the greatest weight gain over the 20-year study period included potato chips (for each one increased daily serving, +1.69 lb more weight gain every 4 years), other potato-based foods / products (1.28 lb), sugar-sweetened beverages (1.00 lb), unprocessed meats (0.95 lb), and processed meats (0.93 lb).
The foods associated with less weight gain when their consumption was actually increased, including vegetables (−0.22 lb), whole grains (−0.37 lb), fruits (−0.49 lb), nuts ]
(−0.57 lb) and yogurt (−0.82 lb).

Evaluating all changes in diet together, participants in the lower 20% of dietary changes gained nearly 4 lbs more each 4 years than those in the top 20%... an amount equivalent to the average weight gain in the population overall.
Focusing only on total calories may not be the most useful way to consume fewer calories than a person expends, explain the researchers. Other measurements, such as content of total fat, energy density, or sugars, could also be misleading. More importantly, they found that eating more healthful foods and
beverages, concentrating on overall dietary quality was most useful.
The more useful dietary assessment for measurement or preventing long-term weight gain appears to be:
Improving carbohydrate quality by eating less liquid sugars (soda / pop beverages) and other sweets, as well as fewer starches (potatoes) and refined grains (white bread, white rice, breakfast cereals low in fiber, other refined carbohydrates).
Eating more minimally processed foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, yogurt) and fewer highly
processed foods (white breads, processed meats, sugary beverages).
This more healthful dietary pattern could influence long-term weight gain in many ways. including, The long term benefits are achieved through biologic effects, including changing hunger, insulin levels, or satiety, or by improving eating behaviors related to average portion sizes and patterns of foods and beverages consumed.

'These findings underscore the importance of making wise food choices in preventing weight gain and obesity,' said nutrition and epidemiology at HSPH researchers. 'The idea that there are no 'good' or 'bad' foods is a myth that needs to be debunked.'

The results also showed that changes in physical activity and TV-viewing influenced changes in weight. Also, those who slept 6-8 hours a night gained less weight than those who slept less than 6 or more than 8 hours.
Overall, the weight-changes associated with any one lifestyle change were relatively small. However, taken together, they all added up, especially for diet. 'Small dietary and other lifestyle changes can together make a big difference, for bad or good,' they emphasized. 'This makes it easy to gain weight unintentionally, but also demonstrates the tremendous opportunity for prevention. A handful of the right lifestyle changes will go a long way.'

Support for the study was provided by the National Institutes of Health and the Searle Scholars Program.
Story Source: Harvard School of Public Health.
Journal Reference:
'Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain in Women and Men.' New England Journal of Medicine, 2011;
'Changes in specific dietary factors may have big impact on long-term weight gain.'
Harvard School of Public Health (2011, July 3)'

This article is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult with your doctor or healthcare professional for medical and nutrition advice."

(Just between you and me, I found that long-term, this simple diet is easier on the wallet AND is delicious, too!)

"VITAMIN POWER--Health Capsule Newsletter:  Issue: #082211 - AUGUST  2011"

Below is a sampling of the plethora of "join and earn" sites out there. Everyone of those mentioned here is a proven site. By who?  By me!  I have received points and/or money from everyone of them.  From time to time, I will be posting more so that you can take advantage of the opportunities.  There is also a site called "My View" where you can write product evaluations and they will reward you. 

A life is an onion
starts out as a teeny pip
grows and enlarges
layer upon layer added
one upon the one before
mom is the first layer
then dad, siblings,
friends, education,
employment, enjoyment,
houses, lands,
toys and joys
each layer copiously
almost carelessly
laid upon the one under it
until the life is one bulging
sated bulb expecting

that it will stay this way

then silently without
notice the layers begin to wither
and flake away,,,parents go,
friends, siblings, employment
and enjoyment, houses, lands,
toys and joys that were the layers
dropping off one by one until the life
is nothing but a rotten, shriveled core
to be tossed away
when first noticed
by the new lady in the kitchen

© Sharon Warden

I looked around but could not see
faces where they were meant to be. 
What is going on here I asked,
Have I for too long multi-tasked? 
No, it was just a crowd you see
waiting to hear reality
of too much sorrow, too little money,
but help is near, see Snap Dollar
s Honey! 

Money, money, money, money, money.....where did you go.....whatever happened to that bi-weekly paycheck that used to pay my way.....AH but help is on the way!!!

SNAPDOLLARS     - Here is a great site -- get paid for reading emails; also they have some terrific deals which change often.  So you can take advantage of the deals after you read the mail.  But just reading the mail will get you 2 cents or so added to your account.  They give you $5 to start out and refer your friends, they'll pay you for that.  This is a legitimate outfit (out of Canada).  I have already collected a check from them - they were pretty rapid about getting the check to me.  (Minimum of $30.00 in account before they will pay out, I think.)  The extra money helps, especially if you are on a fixed income (like me) and are limited as to what kind of physical activity you can do.  Gone are my days of digging ditches and cleaning out basements!  I'd rather stay on the computer and see if I can make a few bucks this way.  How about you? 


If you read this site day before yesterday, and are viewing it again today, you will notice a small edition of a button a little farther down on the left hand side.  Now this is a button that will take you to SWAGBUCKS, a great site, started about 3 years ago, on which there are all kinds of things to do -- take polls, answer surveys, play games, refer friends, just about anything you can think of PLUS the great PERK of being able to accumulate points (Swagbucks) while you do all of these things.  The search engine is great and while you are on it, searching, they award spontaneously, at random, to the searcher Swagbucks! These are points.  4,000 of them will get you ACTUAL CASH from Paypal, but lower amounts will get you other kinds of goodies.  Everyone seems to like the $5 Amazon gift card for only 400 Swagbucks, which you can add up or turn in for deals on Amazon.  And that's why I like the site so much, and THAT'S WHY I put that as my very first "earner".  Later I'll be introducing you all to some more favorite places to pick up a little cash (besides the gutter or your parents'/husband's/wife's/children's/junk drawer pockets!!  Hey it adds up over a year's time.  Frugal?  Yes, thy name is the common American, especially senior, citizen trying to live and maintain in this hgh-roller's world, where the rich seem to be getting richer, the poor poorer and the old, older for sure! 

Search & Win

REMEMBER!!!  Until I get hooked up with Feedburner or some such, be sure to write me at to let me know you want a copy of my latest posting. 
If I can figure out how to do things on this site, and if I can put paypal etc. on it, I may just stick with this Weebly site and upgrade it to pro.  Not go with the other web host as I had planned.  My intent is not only to offer for sale items like this beautiful drum cover (or table cover) pictured, but also to introduce you all to some wonderful vitamins and supplements that are completely natural, money-back guaranteed and will be discounted if you buy from this site.  I have been a distributor of Vitamin Power products for years and am very satisfied.  Let me tell you, they have some KILLER face cream and cosmetics that are sure to please you, also, besides weight loss help and gneral great nutritional products.  So that is my plan so far.  Let me see if I can work it out.  I sure hope so. 

Go out my door.
Turn to the right.
Look up. 
Tilt your head a little more.
This is what you see.
Autumn Sky!




Tonight after church a few of us usually go to Mickey D's for coffee or whatever, sandwiches, lattes, etc..  My friend (a Sharon, too) said she was in the mood for a latte, how about me?  Yeah, sounds good but on the way over I got to thinking, they are so sweet, too sweet really but....then my mix and match imagination started working overtime!  I stepped up to the counter and ordered a senior (one of the perks of being "over the hill") coffee with one cream in a larger container.  No problem.  Also ordered one ice-cream cone in a cup (in other words, no cone, just a cup of soft-serve ice cream, low calorie of course,.  Got to the table and spooned half the ice cream in the coffee.  It floated luciously to the top.  I slurped and spooned the lovely softened cream into my mouth -- it was out of this world!  Then I used the rest of the cup of ice cream -- could have gone for a free refill of coffee if needed.  All for only $1.71!, price of a senior coffee and a dish of ice cream, much less expensive than a latte and so much more tasty and filling -- no excess fat in the topping, just wonderful soft-serve ice cream.  So I'm definitely ordering it again and calling it, you guessed it, the Maximalicious Coffee Delite!!!  Try it, you will love it if you like coffee and ice cream!  It's Vanilla, too!  And very frugal for a treat!

Closely now with her face almost on the mirror
she peered at the skin flaws, moles, wrinkles there.
But closer now -- her eyes pierced the eyes returning her gaze.
She saw life there, the wrinkles and imperfections faded.  It amazed
her that Life was still there, what a discovery! 
If Life was there, then so was love, excitement and fulfillment! 
Not too late, after all, not too late at all. 
© Sharon Warden February 2011

Find me in this drum circle at Nokomis Beach circa 2006.  Aaron Nobbe is standing at the middle in the back.  He was very instrumental in teaching me what I know.  Sort of arrogant, some people didn't like him, word was that he was mean to his girlfriend or something and felt like he was a cut above everybody in drumming skills (he was, actually).  He passed away in 2009 I believe.  Fell out of a tree (he was an arborist).  You can probably read more about him by googling him.  Which leads me to the point I want to make:  I started drumming, obtained a djembe when I was about 70 years old; never too late to start something new. 

MY NEW BLOG, SMARWAR.COM will be relevant to issues of the "older set"; I have been reading blogs 'til I am blue in the face.  I have found NONE so far that address this rapidly increasing age group, except boring paragraphs about investing millions, 600K's etc., and I ask you, what good are they and of what interest to the common, poor, older person who has a beat-up computer, probably a dialup connection, clothes from the 60's if they still fit, and just enough money to buy food and pay living costs, not too mention spiraling health care issues that must be met, usually monetarily and with inexpensive option!  No do-it-yourself dialysis, though -- have to draw the line there!  But IT"S NOT TOO LATE to change your life for the better, even if you have only two days left.  Like today.  I have been following and reading about the Nutritarian eating style, supposed to change body form (for the better) and reverse serious, chronic illnesses.  Today I tried a GREEN SMOOTHIE for the first time.  Fresh spinach, (canned, chilled pineapple-couldn't afford fresh) sesame seeds (bulk from the natural food store, cheap enough), Brita-filtered water (not Brita but a Walgreen's, affectionately referred to as "WAGS" knock-off), and a little bitty bit of Save-A-Lot lemon juice -- really delicious, no kidding.  And so good for your arteries, or so they say.  Filling, too, with a little oatmeal, made a great breakfast/lunch combo and am good to go till supper-time!  So the website will be geared for the sexa-, septua-, octo-, even nona-generian crowd and maybe the younger folks would like to follow it too.  I hope so.  Not as great a percentage of older folks use computers; they seem to not be confident in their abilities to learn something new.  I say every person above 60 should use a computer.  Look what the internet did for Egypt, Tunisia, China, other countries.  It can do the same for the older generation! 

See comment form at bottom of this website to voice your opinions!!  Well, I'm off to to start building!

Giving Internet Explorer another go round -- see my blog for the story.  It may be of interest, maybe not

MOVING???  Who said so?  Nada.  No, no, not moving.  Not at all.  This site at Weebly will be my summer home, a place to relax, display poems and artwork and ruminations.  Your participation is welcomed also.  Send anything you want to share here by sending it to my email address:  My house of work, business, no play, total seriousness will be on another site with it's OWN DOMAIN, it's OWN UNIQUE INTERNET ADDRESS - www. - and the name of the site will be -- you guessed it: 

Now this place of employment where opportunities will not be missed, no prisoners taken, will be a serious, down-to-business place where unique ideas are shared and once-in-an-internet-moment might be experienced.  So, let me get on with it - onward and upwardl  I leave you with this picture to ponder:  

See you on the other side when I get up and running!

Flowers Free Fallin'


Where to?  I have no idea but it will be soon.  Want to find a site which will allow more features, be easier to negotiate and MIGHT be able to make a couple cents on referring you readers to REALLY GOOD DEALS that I have found throughout this last year of intensive internet experience.  Some of these deals you might have thought were scams, just like I did, but found out they were legit!  And have had a few checks dribble in here and there.  It's fun to go to the mailbox and find a check from INBOX DOLLARS, SEND EARNINGS, MY POINTS, etc., in the form of a gas card or plain hard cash. 

So the artist in me has decided to become greedy (no not really, just kidding, lol and etc.!!!!) and try to cash in a little bit on this very important blog!!!!  Love you all for sticking with me -- probably a total of two readers in the past month, but what the hay, I put it on the bottom of all my emails and correspondence!

Further info forthcoming; in the meantime: 

God's Blessings to you in this New Year
In 2011, there's nothing to fear.
Though there be shootings, mailbombs and such,
Let's not let it bother us too much. 
Let's go on doing good for the Good Lord's sake,
Maybe this world over, a difference we'll make!!!
© Sharon Warden 1-9-11 (Ida Graziano's 93rd birthday!)

H-appy Holidays to all my new friends and my 
O-ld.  Knowing and loving you's worth more than gold.  L-et's have a party. 
L-et's have some fun.  
I- in every location where lives everyone.  
S-hine in your new clothes 
T-hrow off your old.  A Child's come to the 
E-arth.  With one voice, we'll 


C-ome, let's get together, give each other a 
H-ug.  We'll carve up the turkey and then cut a 
R-ug.  Singing and dancing 
I-n time to the bells that ring out and
S-ing out that all's going to be well.  
T-hat describes Christmas; this season, you see, is not 
M-eant for the crabby, but those who are free.  
A-s peace comes to your heart, you'll know full well the 
S-ong that is sung in the ring of each bell.  
© Sharon Warden December 8, 2010 

Yes, it is a different kind of tree.  This is my depiction of the tree in the Book of Revelation for the Healing of the Nations, the Tree of Life.  When I look out at the landscape around here, every tree looks like the Tree of Life, all made by the Almighty's Hand.  What a wondrous world we live in!  
Well I had a little blurb about the Chelsea Milling Company and Jiffy MIxes - great products but somehow I lost them so to very new to this blogging business, or even this website business.  So hang on, it is bound to get better.  Today was not a good day for profit at the vendor sale -- made a whole $9.10 but as my Dad used to say (many remarks with wisdom), "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."  Yes, it was better than a poke in the eye, saw some friends I hadn't seen for awhile, got to give some good deals on clothing and yarn and generally make everyone happy.  Quite cool in the morning but it warmed up beautifully and sat in the sun and enjoyed it.   In summer, here in Florida, it is so hot in the sun, so when the weather has quit being so intense, it is wonderful to sit in the warmth.  Hope that VItamin D can be produced through the hands cause that was all that was showing today!!!. 


This is final, you must know
On the diet I will go.
Not one donut, neither muffin,
No more my face continually stuffin'.
I'll live on mixed greens, soup alone
And pare down to the barest bone.
The way I am I'm just too fat.
This is the truth and that is that!

This site is about a plethora of things, all unrelated, but all within the mind.  Read with an open heart. 
Good morning and it was a good morning indeed as now it is afternoon, almost 3 hours after noon.  I promised myself I would be finished with the computer at 2:30; well fait non accomplishe' because it is now 2:45.  So my next deadline is 3 p.m. SHARP!! 
Now turning a website was a fairly easy thing to do!  Put a Money Making Tab on it which I have just attempted to do.  Any day now, as soon as approved I hope to see the Google Ad on this site.  Got a few tips from other writers--just pour out your heart, your passion into cyberspace and you will have a blog.  Well, I don't know you feel about that but all the journals I have ever attempted have been quite personal in nature and they are all hidden way until the time when my "heirs" will look through my personal effects and come upon them.  Perhaps they will just give them a toss with nary a second glance.  Ok, to be tossed into the fire going right up to the sky.  Anyway I will give it "the old college (try)" and hope to get some readers, responders.  4 now ---


For no good reason I put barley
  and black beans together
   with a plethora of other veggies: 
      broccoli stalks
          onions     red pepper   green pepper  corn
and wax beans

Of course, seasonings:
everything on the spice rack and beside the stove 

sage (no comments)
turmeric, adobo, black pepper, chili power, dill
coriander, garlic.

And made a soup for probably the same reason
that Bix Beiderbeck had created his song,
"For No reason in C"..
for no good reason 

But when I tasted the soup I found out why!!!    Just like Bix must have found out when he listened to his song. 
4 cups shredded cabbage
1 cup grated carrot
1/2 green pepper grated
1 medium onion, grated
1 medium zucchini or yellow squash grated
4 egg whites
1 egg yoke
1 cup dry milk reconstituted
1/2 cup shredded non-fat cheese
1/2 t or so of Mrs. Dash or non-salt seasoning
Sprinkle of Italian cheese from jar.
2 tsps or so of parsley from spice bottle.
Add any spices you like that would taste good.  Saute veggies in non-stick pan, sprayed with veg oil. Spray a 9/12 pan or comparable dish.  Put sauteed veggies in this.  Mix eggs, milk, non-fat cheese and seasonings (whatever , really).  Pour over veggies in the pan. 
Bake at 350 degrees 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted comes out clean.  Excellent tasting (I think) and pretty much low-fat, low-salt.

A full facefull
Will always make you


Dawn arises over the hood
birds, squirrels wait for the time
of gathering and singing
to begin again
© Sharon Warden 2010


lone man


he is a lone man 
deciding which way to go
which side will he choose?

Secret Spinner

Little did you know when you drew this
that you were the secret spinner,
misspelled at first then finding your way. 
You spun your way through a beautiful life
that ended one day, too soon, but one day,
one day.  You spilled your loveliness on all
that you touched, even your life, spinning
your way to eternity, but leaving traces of yourself
in other grateful lives. 
What can I say, little secret spinner,
that your love satisfied my soul,
that we ate raisins and watched Shumbach together,
or that I held you close and rocked you?
No, no.  No one will remember that.
Only I and you, little secret spinner. 
I can't wait to see what you have spun,
what you have done,
since I sang to you, Sit by the fire and spinaway,
spin, spin, spinaway.   



Blinking like a neon sign
on a strip joint
it lit up the presents
placed carefully beneath
its plastic branches
still untouched, unopened
the day after Christmas
when the neighbor found her body
spread-eagled across the bed
Bible close to her hand
as if she had a been praying
for something
maybe their safe return
but who - nobody
had graced that flat
with their presence in three years
maybe four - the neighbors
had stopped counting
they took food in there
once in awhile and every year
wished her a Merry Christmas
she had always smiled
and replied yes it will be
a merry christmas
because they are coming
this year it's been so long
and I am excited - thank you
so much for the cookies and bread
they will enjoy them
now it is too late
whoever comes to open those presents
will find the lights shut off
the presents gone
and the lady six feet under. 

Copyright December, 2009 Sharon Warden

Look out my trailer sidedoor to see
this loved-by-the-squirrels spreading gum tree!!!!

When she was a little girl,
swinging oh so high
from the tree in the backyard,
she would gaze at the clouds
to see dinosaurs, teddy bears,
dollhouses and jelly beans --
sometimes a scary monster.
She would close her eyes,
then open to see the ogre
had turned into her favorite doll.
She spent hours searching
a face in the clouds.

Now that she is old
she lays on her lounge
to inspect the clouds.
She sees faces of loved ones
long passed,
her lover who'd suddenly vanished,
Princess Diana,
soldiers in combat.
She closes her eyes
to dispel the wraiths,
these undesired forms.

They morph -- blowing away
into puffs of indistinguishable strings;
once in a while one becomes
a teddy bear,
a jelly bean.

© Sharon Warden April 2008



Sometimes when it gets too warm inside, it's good to make it warm outside, to sit by the fire, stare into the dancing flames and see the memories that linger in your brain, in the dark of the night they come back as flickering sylphs gathering on the top of the logs. 
Then look up to see the moon rising through the branches of the gum tree, silently mouthing its hello to you.  I speak to it in my mind; it's the only way it can hear me. 
This day should last forever. 


Flamingo Road?  In Florida, alas.
It's a figment in memories, past.
Builders and tourists
have driven the flocks away.
Somewhere in the Cayman Islands
they feed, reproduce, soar and play.
We are left with Alligator Alley
whose inhabitants are becoming
too friendly and in our way.
Will the pelicans be next?

Please respond or send feedback to  I would appreciate your input.  Sharon